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Todd Monastero:

After receiving a small scare from my doctor, I joined the club. Thanks to the owners, my trainer and everyone there who makes it the most inspiring and comfortable place to work, I lost 35 lbs in just 3 months and have received rave reviews from my doctors, and of course my wife! Thank you to all of you!

Matt Hempel:

I recently joined your club and wanted to take a moment to say how impressed I've been! Your staff is consistently polite, professional and friendly, and the club itself is wonderfully maintained. I'm glad I took the time to comparison shop clubs, because yours really stands out. In fact, it's one of the nicest clubs I've ever visited!

Suzanne Jackson:

More than just a workout facility...one stop fitness shopping...convenient location for everyone...great rates!

Terry Karkner:

Thsi club has a great atmosphere; the music, the wide openness of the whole facility, and the staff who are so friendly and knowledgeable all contribute.

Patty Olivieri:

Drastically exceeds my expectations every time I come in for a workout! I am recommending the club to all of my friends!

Farhan Merchant:

The atmosphere here is awesome, the equipment is top of the line, but most of all the staff here is wonderfully helpful and friendlyand that makes the difference.


At 63, Hugh lost 40 lbs, dropped 6 inches from his waist and 68 points from his cholesterol (without medication!) and added energy and years to his life! As we head into a new year with many people setting new goals, here is Hughs success story it could be yours too!

Hugh joined the club in May 2011 and transformed his life! Now at 63, he says he feels like hes in his 40s again!

Like many people, when Hugh joined the club he had been fairly inactive, focusing mostly on work. Prior to working out, he played golf and took an occasional walk. But in reality, Hugh wasnt healthy and really hadnt done anything athletic since his college days when he was a wrestler.

At 63 Hugh was a father of a daughter and grandfather of 2 young girls (ages 4 and almost 2), but at 6 he weighed 230 lbs and had cholesterol of 248 and had a family history of stroke. He was now at the same age as his parents when they both died (one of cancer, one of a stroke). So, with his grandchildren as the prime motivators in his life, he decided to join and improve his health.

The first year he joined, 2011, he hired a personal trainer for two reasons: to (re)teach himself how to lift and to keep him tied to a regular schedule. Hugh trained 2-3 times a week with Dave and he tried to eat better. His cholesterol started dropping! In time it was down to 217, however it hit a plateau, and it actually started going back up when Hugh slacked on his workouts and nutrition.

In 2012, the doctors wanted to put Hugh on Liptor for his cholesterol. Hugh desperately did NOT want to go on medication for something that is 100% controllable through diet and exercise, so in May 2012, he decided to recommit to his health this time for real!

A friend told him about an app Lose It that sets goals and tracks daily food and exercise calories. Hugh downloaded it and kicked his lifestyle changes into high gear! His goals 3 days a week (minimum) at the gym for cardio & weights and tracking all his food to a set number of calories each day. He admits the first month was tough! But he stuck to his plan and persevered and after that first month, exercising and nutrition became much easier, even enjoyable!

In just 6 months Hugh lost 40 lbs, his cholesterol is down to 180 and his waist went from a 42 to a 36 and he has been able to stay off all medications! His doctor, amazed at the changes, cant believe Hugh is 63 and takes no medications at all! Hugh says now that he feels (and we say he looks) 20 years younger, has tons more energy and is excited to be around to enjoy his grandchildren, wife, children, and life!

Hughs Keys to success: Joining Devon, Personal Training, Daily Journaling of food and exercise. He says using the app for daily accountability of all the food you eat, and for the exercise you do was the difference between just exercising and exercising to reach a goal.

Hugh, who had been a member of another club prior to Anu, says he appreciated our variety of equipment for variable routines, knowledgeable, helpful and caring staff, and convenience of our location! Given the fact that he can walk to the club, there was no excuse for not coming! The changes he made would not have been possible without the tools and people he found here at the club!

Congratulations Hugh! Great Job! We are proud of you - well done!

Todd Wangler:

Comfortable open atmosphere and a huge selection of weights and cardio equipment.convenient location.

Rich Fanelli:

Having spent 9 months on the road last year, I've worked out in many local gyms, national chain gyms, hotel gyms, community recreational centers, university field houses, etc., yet I always look forward to coming back to Devon Fitness. The facility itself is absolutely top notch, but the part I appreciate most is your staff's attention to customer service. I am always greeted with a smile upon entering and leaving. The staff is knowledgeable, capable and helpful. The hours are convenient. The members are friendly. It seems every time I come in, there is a new piece of equipment to try. Yet your rates are about the same as other local gyms where you get much less.

I realized all this last night while showing Melissa around the gym. This club is the best gym I've seen, and I've seen a lot of them. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate what you all do!

Bob Cooney:

I have to compliment you on your staff and your club. You have the best, nicest people here we look forward to coming everyday! This is a place you want to be. Thank you so much!

Michele Schilgen:

Can I sleep here? I practically live here - I love this place! You guys are the greatest & I love training with Leanne and massages with Beverly! Im not a massage person, but that was the best massage I have ever had! Im hooked!

Cathleen Statts:

Before I started working out here, my body was always tired, painful and unreliable. I felt old and depressed. With the support of all the people here, especially my trainer, I am regaining my physical and mental confidence. This club is my path to a longer, healthier and more active life that I can enjoy with my family, and for that I will be always grateful!"

Diana Perella:

I wanted to let you know, that I love the new tread climber, I mean LOVE IT! And as always, thank you so much for the great atmosphere which begins at the door and continues throughout the club.

Jim Gillis:

Everything is on one floor, the club is committed to having state of the art equipment, the cleanliness of the whole facility, and a staff that goes out of their way to be personable and helpful to the members.

Andrea Lorio:

I used to hate working out. I would dread going every time I went to my old fitness club. Now I love working out. Anu Fitness has great equipment, classes and overall atmosphere.

Harold Hamilton:

Although the physical facility speaks for itselffirst class. It is surpassed by the pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable staff. This is a pleasant, very worthwhile facility.

Scott Passman:

First class place..complete. Has everything I need for a great workout.

David Rantanen:

Its without a doubt the hippest club Ive ever joined. Every piece of equipment is the latest and greatest. Not one stone was unturned when creating this gym.

Jessica Downey:

The classes, the new equipment and the open and clean workout area make it a perfect environment. I brought in my whole family - Parents and all!

Robin Bond:

I love the whole feel here - especially the friendly, encouraging and helpful staff. They always make me feel so welcome that I just want to keep coming back! Having shopped fitness alternatives, I am convinced this is the best value around!

Sarah Braendel:

Great AtmosphereGreat Energy

Victoria Ey:

This is the best club around. I drive about an hour to come to here! Ive tried other clubs closer to home, but they dont compare I have to stay at Anu! I can not put into words what this club has done for me. Your club and your support motivates me, and my life will never be the same!

Dale Power:

I joined a new gym recently. My old one had closed and I decided to visit a couple to compare and contrast services available. It turned out to be a terrific experience for seeing different levels of marketing in action!

The first fitness center I perused was extremely small. It was very close to my house, however their equipment was so old, it looked like it wouldn’t even pass muster on Ebay! The people at the desk were polite but not particularly friendly. After my guided tour I was left on my own. They slashed their prices to get me in but as you know, buying isn’t about price!

The second place I visited was very dingy, very dark and not even remotely friendly. There was no welcome, not even a noticeable glimmer that someone new was there. I was in and out of there in five minutes, maybe less. Ugh!

This was my third fitness center, and it was magical – WOW! I was made to feel so welcome – a big step beyond a greeting. I was given a guided tour and then invited to sit and discuss my goals. They offered an extremely attractive package that was higher than any gym I have ever belonged to – BUT… it didn’t matter. I signed up on the spot. They threw in some training and some other consultations for services which reflected that they have done their homework on their client base.

The atmosphere here is one of encouragement, friendliness, and fun. There is a genuine smile on the faces of all the staff. I am greeted by name nearly all the time. They go out of their way to help me reach my goals by being friendly, being available to answer any question, even saying an encouraging word. The effect is that it is helping me stick to my fitness goals, I am going regularly, and I feel wonderful because I know that they really do care. It’s part of their business and they are making it an art form!

Tony Marino:

"Everyone is always asking if you have any questions on your work outs. The staff goes out of their way to make certain you succeed in your goals. Hey, I dropped 20 lbs in 2 months doing it the right way and I feel great!"

Haley Schorza:

"I have belonged for almost 4 years...I would never go anywhere else”

*Disclaimer:  Health results vary by customer...  Above testimonials may or may not reflect health results for all people.