Personal Training

We offer several ways to improve your health, get in shape, and achieve your fitness goals. Don't hesitate to ask our staff if you have a question. Your membership may come with some free personal training sessions, depending on the membership you select when you join. To schedule your training sessions, call the front desk at 610-240-9916 or stop by the next time you come in. Even if you are a seasoned training person, you will still enjoy and get benefits from one-on-one training with a trainer. As "they" say: "most people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan". Our trainers provide a great benefit, so why not take advantage of it today and let them set up your training plan so you achieve your goals that much faster!

Personal Training Fee Schedule

Package Price
1 Session $80/hour
4 Session Package $310
8 Session package $620
12 Session package $920
20 Session package 1,330
All sessions are to be paid in advance.  A 24-hour Cancellation notice is required.

Personal training is the study of human physiology and how the body responds to various forms of exercise. Whether you're an athlete, a fitness-enthusiast or just beginning to exercise, you're probably confused by all the conflicting information you read in various books and magazines and see on TV.

On Training with Keith:

This is my fourth time training with Keith.  My goals have changed throughout the years, from college athlete looking to improve, to mid twenties office worker trying to have a beach body, and finally to man trying to get back into the shape I was in when I was in my early to mid twenties.  When I got engaged and wanted to get back in shape for my wedding, I immediately called Keith.  Each and every time I've worked out with Keith he has professionally developed and executed a workout plan specifically tailored toward helping me achieve my goals that pushed my limits, but never exceeded my limitations.  
I have worked out with a great many people, some of whom are friends, some of whom lead group classes, and various trainers.  One of Keith's greatest qualities is his willingness to listen to his clients and to understand their physical limitations.  Keith is a trainer who understands that everyone has a certain level of physical capability and he uses his knowledge of kinesiology and his background in yoga to find ways to challenge each individual in ways that do not put undue strain on the body while simultaneously creating a workout that achieves the desired result.  Keith is a great trainer and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.  ~ C Jay Pardini
On training with Michele:

I’m new to the area and went to Anu after doing a lot of research on local gyms. My membership came with three free sessions with a personal trainer. Not being one to pass up freebies, I signed up with Michele and was totally impressed.  She knows the equipment, is focused on form and knows exactly how far she can push you. Just as important, she’s very personable and makes the work out fun. I was so thrilled with her training that I continue to work with Michele twice a week. She’s a great trainer, tailors each session to accommodate my neurosis of the day J and is working just as hard as I am to meet my goals. Oh, and the machines have turned out to be a great addition to the fitness classes I attend.
If you’re looking to jumpstart your program and/or want to challenge yourself a bit more, I highly recommend supplementing your workout schedule with a personal trainer, Michele rocks!   ~ Barbara L

On Training with Joe:

Joe has 17 years of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer.  He is also a competitive powerlifter, competing in 9 Power Lifting meets since 2002.  He has 9 top 3 finishes in his weight classes, and can design effective programs for those wanting to take their strength gains to the next level.  Joe loves working with all age ranges and populations, but has specialized in working with the senior population, as well as those looking to increase strength and size.

On training with Olga:

In June 2010 Olga won the "Miss Universe" title in the 2010 Fitness Model Competition! With over 400 competitors from around the world, the show was one of the most competitive ever! Olga's Championships include: 2010 Miss Universe Fitness Model, 2010 GNC Bikini Championships-1st Place & Overall Champion, 2001 Ukraine National Swimming Champion. Congratulations Olga!

On training with Josh:

I began exercising in January 2006, through Josh's wonderful support and guidance, I have lost 100 lbs and more than 25% body fat! I have gone from a size 22 to a size 6! Four years ago I was on five medications for diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol, now I'm on only two! I completed the Broad Street Run in May 2009 and a half marathon in September 2009! One of the most important lessions I learned, was that it's not about "going on a diet", it's about a lifestyle change that includes healthy eating and exercise. I wouldn't have been able to accomplish these amazing goals without Josh!
~ Joanne Falciani

On training with Patrick:

After receiving a small scare from my doctor and entering the care of a cardiologist in December, I joined the club in mid December ('05) and I weighed 315 lbs. Thanks to everyone there who makes it the most inspiring and comfortable place to work out, and ESPECIALLY (my trainer) Patrick Nwankwo, in just 3 months, I have lost 35 pounds and have received rave reviews from my doctors, and of course my wife! Thank you to all of you!
~ Todd Monastero

On Training with Kenny:

In 3 months, I lost 15 lbs and decreased his body fat from 16 to 6%. My muscle tone and definition became extraordinary. My cholesterol levels dropped to within normal range as well! The medical benefits of training can’t be overlooked. Training transformed my life. “The pride and confidence you gain through training and sticking to a commitment, spills over into every aspect of your life. I have much more energy for my family and career. I have learned the importance of “balance” for a happier, healthier life.
~ Keith S

Here are the top seven reasons to hire a personal trainer:

  1. An an objective eye: Even for experienced workout people, an outside perspective is invaluable when it comes to form and function. Even the best professional athletes have a coach. Coaches remind us to live up to our potential and push us to be our best. They help us reach our goals faster than we could if we were alone.
  2. A Set Schedule Time: By hiring a trainer, people are more obedient to their exercise and eating programs. Keeping regular training appointments keep clients on track. Consistency is the key to making lifestyle adjustments like regular exercise.
  3. Accountability: Clients mention that if they didn’t have an "appointment" to train, they'd be more likely to shorten or skip their workouts entirely. They know that if they don't keep up with their prescribed, individualized program, the trainer will know it. Clients take pride in accepting the challenges set for them and in achieving their goals.
  4. Reach New Levels: Having someone to watch over form and to assist with spotting enables clients to do more weight, more effectively, than training alone. Clients gain more strength and loose more weight with trainers than without. They are able to reach new levels faster with a trainer than alone. Also, the injury rate is much lower (or non-existent) because the trainer knows the clients abilities and restrictions and can assist clients to prevent injury.
  5. Motivation: Trainers know what clients go through and they know when to push to get the desired performance from a client. They encourage and take pride in their clients' successes. Trainers become true "partners" with their clients, and "coach" and motivate them to reach their goals.
  6. Knowledge: Trainers have a wealth of knowledge that they share with their clients. Knowledge and experience benefit the clients by getting the clients the results they want within the time period they want. In most cases, this is often much faster than if the client were to train alone, without the benefit of the trainers' knowledge, education and experience.
  7. Results: In our experience, we see that individuals who seek out the help of a personal trainer are more successful than those who work out alone. They reach their goals and they are so happy when they do. After working so hard to reach their goals, and feeling such a sense of pride and accomplishment when they do, we see real changes in these clients. By committing to exercise, and making it a part of your everyday life, we find that fitness becomes a permanent part of life. Fitness and exercise become a new "lifestyle" for our clients, instead of a just a passing fancy.

The impact of one person can make a tremendous difference to your life. That person is typically a leader, a teacher, or a coach. Your personal-fitness success is no different. If you have tried and failed more than twice at the same task, you need to get some help and advice. Don't just say that you tried, say that you did it!